How to open Limited Comapny in the UK?

Company in the UK
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The process of establishing the comapny in the UK is connected with a lot of formalities that should be kept by every new entrepreneur. To simplify the process of registration, we decided to publish some information and advices about opening companies in the UK. One of the most significant decision about starting your own business refers to its legal form. All legal forms of business that are listed below has its advantages and disadvantages

The list of basic legal forms of companies includes:

I.            Self employed

It is the simplest way to open your business in the UK. It means that you are a sole proprieto of established business. According to your needs, you can work on your own or try to employ several workers.

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II.            Limited company –

In Limited Companies, your private properties and the property of company are separated. The person who is running this kind of business is the director of Limited Company who is employed as a worker in his/her own company.

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III.            Partnership  –

The partnership and its partners should be registered in Self Assessment services in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and should meet special conditions that refer to running business and the name of the company.

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The legal forms of companies that were listed above are connected with specific advantages, because of that it is very important to properly think about choosing the best way of way of establishing your business. If you still do not decide what to choose, call us and we will help you.

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