How to open Limited Company in the UK

How to open Limited Company in the UK


If you would like to start your own business activity in the UK you need to decide about that which form of organised business will be the best for you. You can register as a self-employed , partnership or Limited company. Every of presented forms of business activity has got a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide on opening Limited Company  in the UK , you should remember about information that you need to provide at the moment of registering your Ltd:

– shareholders (there can be only one);

– directordyrektora;

– the address of your company;

– the number of shares and the value of them;

– the name of your company;

– the type (form) of your business activity.

Ltd registering process: you can register your Ltd by using on-line services. After the next 24 hours you will receive a special document that will be the confirmation of company opening in the UK.

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