Tax Refund in England

What is tax refund in England (Tax Refund)?

Tax refund is a refund of tax that was overpaid while working abroad (if you work in PAYE – Pay As You Earn system) during the specific tax year, on the basis of tax rates which were approved by Inland Revenue.

Who is eligible for tax refund in England ?

Everyone who has lived and worked in the UK can apply for tax refund for working abroad. There are soem exceptions, but usually most of applicants are granted with tax refund – even if they’ve already left UK.

When can I apply for tax refund in England?

You can apply for tax refund in the UK after the end of the tax year (5 April), if you still work in the UK.

If you have already left UK or you are going to do this in the near future – you can claim your tax refund in England during current tax year.

What documents do you need?

For claiming you tax refund you need to provide P45 from every employment during the concerning tax year and your P60 from your last employment in tax year which lasted until the 5 April. You should ask for these documents every agency and company which you have worked for. If you lost your P45 or P60, you can ask your employer about reissuing it. But only P60 can be issued again.

Who is obliged to submit his/her Self-Assessment?

If you qualify for one of the following:

  1. you are a director of LTD Company;
  2. you are Self-Employed;
  3. you was registered under CIS (Construction Industry Scheme);
  4. your income is high (your tax rate is 40%);
  5. you have an additional source of income (nie będących tragedienne).